We get FOUR chances to overcome an objection.
Chance # 1 is BEFORE it comes up
Chance # 2 is WHEN it comes up
Chance # 3 is AFTER it comes up
Chance # 4 is NEVER
Some objections are addressed before they come up. Some objections are going to be handled right when the customer brings them up. Some objections will be postponed and addressed later. And some objections never need be dignified with an answer.
Question: When is the BEST time to overcome an objection?
Answer: Before it comes up
Question: How can we overcome an objection before it comes up?
Answer: When you bring up your anticipated objections first, and address them form a position of strength instead of as a reaction to what your customer has said, you can effectively eliminate that objection from your customers mind and it will not come up again.
Example: you know that your price is higher than your competition.
Salesperson: Mrs customer, from time to time I hear a customer mention that our price is higher than xyz companies. Our price is a little higher because we as a company feel that we would rather apologize for having a little bit higher price once instead of having to apologize over and over again for poor quality or less service (or whatever your difference is).
Bringing up and shooting down an objection is like punching first instead of counterpunching.