Referrals are not given, they are Earned.

Ok.  You have done the hard part.  You have earned their business.  You have provided for your customer an excellent product or service.  Now is the time to mine for gold.  Referrals.

Here are five ways to earn more referrals.

  1. Become friends with your customers. Get to know them socially.  Go to the functions they attend.  Greet them as old friends when you see them out. Customers who are friends with you naturally want to put you in touch with their friends.
  2. Provide fantastic service.  Not only must you deliver what you sold now you must provide outstanding service.  Answer or return every call quickly. Help your customer.
  3. Anticipate their needs.  During the sale and after the sale anticipate future needs and let your customer know you can and will be helpful.
  4. Add extra value.  In addition to what they bought, what else can you do for your customer?
  5. Give referrals to your customers.  Refer potential customers to your customers.  But do not refer in such a way as it looks like you expect something in return.  Do it to help your customer.

By doing these five things you will have earned the right to ask for referrals and you will be blessed with referrals from your customers.