• Are you in a sales slump?
• How do you know?
• Are you doing everything that you should be doing in your sales life to position yourself for success?
• Are you genuinely attempting to help people daily?
• Do you deserve to make the sale?
• Do you sincerely have your client’s interest at heart?
• Have you made it easy for your clients to say yes to your offer?
• Are you following up with potential clients in a regular systematic way and not being bothersome?
• Are you getting better at sales?
• Have you modernized your sales approach or are you attempting to sell today the same way you and your company sold five years ago?
• Are you utilizing all your strengths and asking for help?
• Are you finding joy in your work?
• Are you studying your craft?
• By working the exact same way is your business going to get better or worse?
• Are you keeping the responsibility for your success or failure or are you trying to give the responsibility to something outside yourself? The economy, the city, the customers, your product or service, etc …

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