What is the highest paying profession in America on average?

Answer:  Professional Athlete.

Professional athletes earn more per year on average than any other profession in the US.  This includes professional athletes in all sports basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, etc.

What is the 2nd highest paying profession on average in the US?

Answer: Professional Actor or Actress.

On average Actors and Actress earn more per year than any profession other than professional athletes in this country.

What is the 3rd highest paying profession on average in the US?

Answer: Sales.

There are tons of similarities in the three highest paying professions. 

Would you agree with me that these three highest paying professions could all neatly fit into the “entertainment” field? Champion sales people are just as much a performer as a professional actor or actress.  Champion salespeople perform like champion salespeople.  When there feet hit the floor in the morning its “lights, camera, action” and they go and perform the activities of their day as a champion would.

One similarity that I will focus on now is that champions in all three professions use coaches.

Can you even imagine an athlete in any sport reaching the ranks of professional without having had a coach?  Is it even possible to become a professional athlete without outstanding coaching? No.

To become an actor you MUST take acting classes. And Actors have many different type of coaches throughout their careers. There are actually “Crying Coaches” coaches who coach actors on how to cry on demand.  Wow.

I personally have had great fun researching the positive impact of Sales Coaching on salespeople, small businesses and contractors.  The internet has taught me that sales coaching will improve sales anywhere from 12% to as high as 87%  it has also taught me that if sales were to improve just 3% to 5% over the course of a year that that will make a significant positive impact on companies bottom line.

“There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching”

– Brian Tracy

If you are a salesperson, a small business or a contractor and you are not actively involved in a specific sales coaching program right now, you have just not yet decided to maximize your earnings.  It’s almost as if you have on purpose decided to limit yourselves.  Do not do that. There are many great sales coaches available to you.  I recommend that you take advantage of any free sales coaching consultations offered and interview potential coaches.  Give it a try.  Studies show that just this act will significantly improve your life.

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