These are the Predictable Results and Benefits from hiring

Brian K McNeill of “Very Personal Sales Coaching” as your personal sales coach.

  • Shorter learning curve – Because of my 18 plus years of experience in hiring, firing, training, developing, and motivating salespeople, I can help to shortcut any learning curves to sales success.
  • Closing pct will be greater – I help to focus closing efforts on the right prospects at the right times, with the right skill sets, for greater closing pct.
  • Work will be much more enjoyable – When done right with the right coaching and enough visible results Selling is one of the most fun things you will ever do.
  • You will sell more profitably – For many external reasons, more and more salespeople and companies are leaning on the weakest close at their disposal, lowering the price.  I teach the strength is keeping profits.
  • Receive regular motivation and encouragement – In addition to the formal sales coaching sessions scheduled, you can talk to me by phone or email as much as you like.  We can talk daily if you like. I will listen, coach, and share in your sales experience with you.
  • Modern selling tactics will be taught – Including strategies with Social Media Marketing, as well as the best selling practices of the past.
  • Improvement will be continuous – I help to track progress and goals. We will work towards targets.
  • You will have someone to bounce ideas off of with experience – Salespeople need to be listened to and talked to.  With me you will gain a partner in your success.

Brian K McNeill

919 345 4893