For almost 20yrs now I’ve been telling the story or conducting the workshop called “Why Rhinos Make Great Salespeople”

This workshop was born in me after having read the great book “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander. Mr. Alexander’s book was not geared towards just salespeople so I adopted some of his philosophies and added my own and created what I’m about to share with you now.

I use the Rhino metaphorically. It’s helpful to be able to see a picture or a figurine of a rhino as you understand this.

  • Rhinos have two inch thick skin. I use this fact to illustrate how great salespeople like rhinos can take a lot of little annoyances and are not easily offended. They do not take it personally.
  • Rhinos are physically very strong, which I equate to being  very determined.
  • Rhinos have really good hearing, which I equate to being  great listeners
  • Rhinos have very poor eyesight, which for me equal that they really cannot even see minor annoyances like small bushes or twigs, so they move right on through them.
  • But the coolest thing I say about the Rhino is how their legs work, Rhinos cannot walk backwards. Their legs just do not work that way. So when you sell like a Rhino the only physical option you have is to continue forward until your objective is reached. Backing up, for the Rhino is just not a physical option that they even have.

For the past almost 20yrs now wherever I have worked I’ve had a rhinoceros statue on my desk. I have rhinos throughout my home. I have a small fuzzy rhino hanging from the rear view mirror of my car. The name plate on the front of my car says “The Rhino Man” About 15yrs ago during a managers meeting of a company I worked for, sales were down so another mgr looked at me and said “Brian, sales are down, we need your help. Its time for you to Be Da Rhino” we all knew what he meant and I consider that one of the coolest things ever said to me. He meant that the company needed for me to stop just training and get out and actually sell. Because of that moment for the past 15yrs my yahoo email address has been (

I use the Rhino to symbolically say to myself two things. 

  1. Just do your work
  2. What are you charging towards?

You can also choose to adopt the Rhino as your own personal reminder or you can choose anything else, but I do believe it is a worthwhile endeavor to consistently ask ourselves the question of “What am I charging towards?” and to remind ourselves to just do our work.

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