Recently a lady reached out to me. She asked, how much do I charge to coach salespeople? I asked her “Do you need a sales coach” She said that she needed help. I asked her what do you sell? She said “I U L” I gave her a blank stare she then said “Universal Life” another blank stare then she said, “I sell life insurance” Wow!
Three terrible answers to the question of what do you sell, back to back. The worst of the three answers was the first one she gave me. I said to her “No you don’t” now it was her turn for the blank stare. I said to her no one will buy any of the three things that you said you sell,” I said to her what you actually sell is Peace of mind upon a person’s death; I said you sell a paid off home, or a college education paid for. You sell money for a widow to handle expenses.
I asked this lady have you ever bought a bed? A car? Or a “how to” book? She answered, yes. I said to her no you did not. I said to her what you actually bought was a comfortable night’s sleep, reliable transportation, and an answer to a question.
People buy what the thing will do for them much more than they buy the thing.
Think about this and think about this hard, do you buy the thing, or what the thing will do for you?
We buy the coat not because we want a coat; we buy the coat because we want to be warm and stylish.
We buy the cell phone not because we want a cell phone, we buy the cell phone because we want to communicate with the rest of the world whenever we like, the way we like.
This is not earth shatteringly new information. Many people have said this before but this real life very recent illustration highlights the major need for Sales Coaching.
Brian K McNeill
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“******REMARKABLE!!!****** Brian is a GEM as a PERSONAL Sales Coach. I used the techniques Brian gave me from ONE session, and a lady told me that she liked the way I stated what my career field was. Just a few little tweaks from what he taught me in one hour. Needless to say, I will be using him again to better myself in my new career field. He is very personable, but at the same time ‘In your face.’ However, you have to get out of balance to get balanced to become a wonderful salesperson. I’m sure with another 3 month session with him (which I will be purchasing soon), I will be a top saleswoman in my profession. I highly recommend his services as well as his video series he has listed on YOU TUBE. I am one happy newbie in the Sales profession right now!!! WOOOOO!!!” October 30, 2012
T Woodruff
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“In a very short amount of time, Brian made a personal connection and was able to see things that I have been too close to see or too naive to admit to myself . If you have a hour, Brian will be the difference you are looking for in your sales career . I look forward to working with him soon and highly recommend him” November 1, 2012
W Brown
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“Brian is absolutely the best at what he does! I went to Brian unsure of my ability to “sell” myself and my services! Brian made me think differently and comprehensively about my skills and goals! He is an “out of the box”, innovative thinker and turned my business around 100%! Once he taught me how to sell my services….I increased sales almost immediately! Thank you Brian for your patience, concern and valuable lessons in our sessions! You are the Very Best Personal Sales Coach around! Thanks for being apart of my success!” October 22, 2012
K Joyner
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“After knowing Brian for a little over a year and watching him in workshops and different interviews, I’ve decided that Brian is the right business coach for me. He takes the time to get to know you, your style and your business and is then able to taylor the coaching sessions to your exact needs. He is the missing piece I need to get my career back on track and my income growing. I highly recommend Brian to any Realtor and other small business owner or sales person who feels that they are stuck and are not making the progress they are looking to make.” October 29, 2012
P Thomas
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“Brian is a Sales Coach who is acts on, and demonstrates, his experience in the sales world. He is very innovative and up to date with today’s approaches to sales. As a coach, he is an excellent communicator and is able to draw out what’s important. As a trainer, he’s patient but keeps on track. As a person, he’s very “likable” and “real.” I would recommend him to any individual or business.” September 3, 2010
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“Brian is a master at his craft. He is a personal sales coach that will get your wheel churning, refresh your passion for your vision, and remind you of value of your product or service. I highly recommend him for a personal Sales Coach that will provide tailor-made coaching for you no matter what stage you are in your business.” October 5, 2012
C Weekly
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