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The Art and Power of a Great Handshake

The Art and the Power of a Great Handshake

I believe in networking and going to networking events.  I go to them, I meet people, we exchange business cards, and we learn a little about each other.  But before we even know each others names, typically one of us will offer up a handshake.

Like it or […]

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Predictable results of Hiring Brian

Shorter learning curve – Because of my experience, I can help to shortcut any learning curves to sales success.

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10 To Win Presentation

This Wed @ 1pm I will be Bringing it!!!  You will  be inspired!!

The Harris Building

13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277


This seminar accomplishes four distinct and important goals.

It reminds or re-teaches people of how great their current product or service already is, which get them excited about selling again.
It helps to define their “Ideal […]

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What is the Highest Paying Profession in the USA

What is the highest paying profession in America on average?

Answer:  Professional Athlete.

Professional athletes earn more per year on average than any other profession in the US.  This includes professional athletes in all sports basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, etc.

What is the 2nd highest paying profession on average in the US?

Answer: Professional Actor or Actress.

On average […]

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How to be a great listener

The key to being a great listener is to just simply resolve not to interrupt the speaker.  Wait.  When they appear to have said all they are going to say right then wait a few seconds before you speak.  This waiting does three very good things for you.

You ensure that the speaker was not just […]

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Just a few questions

• Are you in a sales slump?
• How do you know?
• Are you doing everything that you should be doing in your sales life to position yourself for success?
• Are you genuinely attempting to help people daily?
• Do you deserve to make the sale?
• Do you sincerely have your client’s interest at heart?
• Have you […]

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What is Dollarization?

“Hard times are spreading just like the flu, watch out homeboy don’t let it catch you” “Hard times!” Run DMC, 1983
True or False:
• Because of the economy, no one is buying anything
• No one has any money to buy
• The economy has never been this bad before
• All the customers are trying to get free […]

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Referrals are Earned

Referrals are not given, they are Earned.

Ok.  You have done the hard part.  You have earned their business.  You have provided for your customer an excellent product or service.  Now is the time to mine for gold.  Referrals.

Here are five ways to earn more referrals.

Become friends with your customers. Get to know them socially.  Go […]

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How to make people like you

Excerpt taken from the classic book written in 1940 by Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
Six Ways to make People like you
1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
2. Smile.
3. Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest most important sound in the English language.
4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk […]

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Im offering help

Sports are the best example.

To compete you need a coach. The coach is there to teach, to watch, to correct, to motivate and to encourage.
I want to be your Sales Coach. I will teach you the most successful and the most modern sales tactics.
I will motivate, encourage, track your progress, plan your future […]

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