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Predictable results of Hiring Brian

These are the Predictable Results and Benefits from hiring

Brian K McNeill of “Very Personal Sales Coaching” as your personal sales coach.

  • Shorter learning curve – Because of my 18 plus years of experience in hiring, firing, training, developing, and motivating salespeople, I can help to shortcut any learning curves to sales success.
  • Closing pct will be greater – I help to focus closing efforts on the right prospects at the right times, with the right skill sets, for greater closing pct.
  • Work will be much more enjoyable – When done right with the right coaching and enough visible results Selling is one of the most fun things you will ever do.
  • You will sell more profitably – For many external reasons, more and more salespeople and companies are leaning on the weakest close at their disposal, lowering the price.  I teach the strength is keeping profits.
  • Receive regular motivation and encouragement – In addition to the formal sales coaching sessions scheduled, you can talk to me by phone or email as much as you like.  We can talk daily if you like. I will listen, coach, and share in your sales experience with you.
  • Modern selling tactics will be taught – Including strategies with Social Media Marketing, as well as the best selling practices of the past.
  • Improvement will be continuous – I help to track progress and goals. We will work towards targets.
  • You will have someone to bounce ideas off of with experience – Salespeople need to be listened to and talked to.  With me you will gain a partner in your success.

Brian K McNeill

919 345 4893

10 To Win Presentation

This Wed @ 1pm I will be Bringing it!!!  You will  be inspired!!


13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277


This seminar accomplishes four distinct and important goals.

  1. It reminds or re-teaches people of how great their current product or service already is, which get them excited about selling again.
  2. It helps to define their “Ideal Target Market” so that selling efforts are more focused on their own “Personal, Highest Probability, Prospects”
  3. It defines what skills and characteristics are necessary for outstanding performance.
  4. And it also provides a tool for self evaluation so that improvement can begin again and again.

During this seminar there will be laughter, listening and learning.

When the seminar is over everyone that was there will feel “armed and ready and enthused” about using there new selling skills right away.  You and your sales force will see a bump in sales right away.

Brian K McNeill

919 345 4893

What is the Highest Paying Profession in the USA

What is the highest paying profession in America on average?

Answer:  Professional Athlete.

Professional athletes earn more per year on average than any other profession in the US.  This includes professional athletes in all sports basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, etc.

What is the 2nd highest paying profession on average in the US?

Answer: Professional Actor or Actress.

On average Actors and Actress earn more per year than any profession other than professional athletes in this country.

What is the 3rd highest paying profession on average in the US?

Answer: Sales.

There are tons of similarities in the three highest paying professions. 

Would you agree with me that these three highest paying professions could all neatly fit into the “entertainment” field? Champion sales people are just as much a performer as a professional actor or actress.  Champion salespeople perform like champion salespeople.  When there feet hit the floor in the morning its “lights, camera, action” and they go and perform the activities of their day as a champion would.

One similarity that I will focus on now is that champions in all three professions use coaches.

Can you even imagine an athlete in any sport reaching the ranks of professional without having had a coach?  Is it even possible to become a professional athlete without outstanding coaching? No.

To become an actor you MUST take acting classes. And Actors have many different type of coaches throughout their careers. There are actually “Crying Coaches” coaches who coach actors on how to cry on demand.  Wow.

I personally have had great fun researching the positive impact of Sales Coaching on salespeople, small businesses and contractors.  The internet has taught me that sales coaching will improve sales anywhere from 12% to as high as 87%  it has also taught me that if sales were to improve just 3% to 5% over the course of a year that that will make a significant positive impact on companies bottom line.

“There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching”

- Brian Tracy

If you are a salesperson, a small business or a contractor and you are not actively involved in a specific sales coaching program right now, you have just not yet decided to maximize your earnings.  It’s almost as if you have on purpose decided to limit yourselves.  Do not do that. There are many great sales coaches available to you.  I recommend that you take advantage of any free sales coaching consultations offered and interview potential coaches.  Give it a try.  Studies show that just this act will significantly improve your life.

Brian K McNeill
Very Personal Sales Coaching
919 345 4893

Please feel free to add or email your comments.

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How to be a great listener

The key to being a great listener is to just simply resolve not to interrupt the speaker.  Wait.  When they appear to have said all they are going to say right then wait a few seconds before you speak.  This waiting does three very good things for you.

  1. You ensure that the speaker was not just pausing to catch a breath so that she can say more.
  2. You give yourself a moment to formulate the right response.
  3. You come across as a thinker.

We interrupt each other today.  We all do it, even me.  We interrupt each other so much today that it’s almost not even considered rude.  So for you to come across as an outstanding listener, will not be hard by comparison.

Brian K McNeill
Very Personal Sales Coaching
919 345 4893

Please feel free to add or email your comments.

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Just a few questions

• Are you in a sales slump?
• How do you know?
• Are you doing everything that you should be doing in your sales life to position yourself for success?
• Are you genuinely attempting to help people daily?
• Do you deserve to make the sale?
• Do you sincerely have your client’s interest at heart?
• Have you made it easy for your clients to say yes to your offer?
• Are you following up with potential clients in a regular systematic way and not being bothersome?
• Are you getting better at sales?
• Have you modernized your sales approach or are you attempting to sell today the same way you and your company sold five years ago?
• Are you utilizing all your strengths and asking for help?
• Are you finding joy in your work?
• Are you studying your craft?
• By working the exact same way is your business going to get better or worse?
• Are you keeping the responsibility for your success or failure or are you trying to give the responsibility to something outside yourself? The economy, the city, the customers, your product or service, etc …

Brian K McNeill
Very Personal Sales Coaching
919 345 4893 please feel free to email your comments
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What is Dollarization?

“Hard times are spreading just like the flu, watch out homeboy don’t let it catch you” “Hard times!” Run DMC, 1983
True or False:
• Because of the economy, no one is buying anything
• No one has any money to buy
• The economy has never been this bad before
• All the customers are trying to get free stuff or do it themselves
The answer to all of the above questions is false.
Yes the economy is tough, and yes it is more challenging to make sales but, sales are still being made. People still need to buy cars, and homes and washer/dryer sets. People are still buying jeans and jewelry. In every economy and at any time in history some salespeople succeeded and some did not.
You are about to learn or relearn the secret to selling in a tough economy. In a word, the secret is Dollarization. Dollarization is a way to justify money spent on a purchase in terms of actual dollars earned or saved.
The product or service that you sell has benefits and those benefits are worth money. Each and every benefit that your product or service provides can be dollarized, it can be expressed in a dollar amount. For example…
• The plumber can either sell a $100 service call or he can sell the $100 service call that saves the $1000 carpet.
• The office supply salesperson can either sell the $1000 copier or he could sell the $1000 copier that saves the company more than $6000 per year in increased productivity and decreased downtime.
• The Radio Advertising salesperson must be able to show how spending $600 in radio ads can yield greater than $2400 in increased revenue.
A classic example is the choice that has to be made when buying tires. Because of money a customer may choose to buy the $30 tire with no warranty vs. the $80 tire with a 70,000 mile warranty. That $30 tire may last up to 6 months and then need to be replaced. That $80 tire will last 4.66 yrs before needing replacement. So let’s do the math. $30×4=$120 for 6 months. Times two equals $240 per year times 4.66 = $1,118 vs. the set of $80 tires = $320 over a four yr period the $80 tire saves the customer $798 which is Significant.
At this point, some of you may be thinking that what you sell cannot be expressed in terms that show a savings or of earnings of money. I submit that whatever you sell it can be Dollarized. Do you believe that time = money? How much is your time worth? How much is your customer’s time worth?
But I’m a masseuse how can what I do be justified in terms of either money or time earned or saved? When your client’s leave you do they feel better, more relaxed than they did when they came to you? Is it possible that as a result of feeling more relaxed there thinking is clearer? Their creativity could be ratcheted up. As a result of your excellent massage your client may just simply work better / more effectively. Consequently earn more money. Maybe if your client did not get their regular massage they would be less productive. Hmmm.
What you sell can and should be Dollarized. If you think what you sell cannot be dollarized keep asking yourself what benefits does my product or service provide and keep asking that question until you find the money earning or money savings in what you offer.
Today’s champion salesperson does sell the two things that all of your customers want.
1. A solution to at least one of their concerns.
2. To be made to feel important.
But in addition to that today’s champion salesperson also sells Money.
“Go forth and be prosperous salesperson because everyone in your circle of family and friends needs for you to be successful”
For more information on Dollarization read the classic best seller “How to Become a Rainmaker” by Jeffrey Fox c 2000


Brian K McNeill
Very Personal Sales Coaching
919 345 4893 please feel free to email your comments
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Referrals are Earned

Referrals are not given, they are Earned.

Ok.  You have done the hard part.  You have earned their business.  You have provided for your customer an excellent product or service.  Now is the time to mine for gold.  Referrals.

Here are five ways to earn more referrals.

  1. Become friends with your customers. Get to know them socially.  Go to the functions they attend.  Greet them as old friends when you see them out. Customers who are friends with you naturally want to put you in touch with their friends.
  2. Provide fantastic service.  Not only must you deliver what you sold now you must provide outstanding service.  Answer or return every call quickly. Help your customer.
  3. Anticipate their needs.  During the sale and after the sale anticipate future needs and let your customer know you can and will be helpful.
  4. Add extra value.  In addition to what they bought, what else can you do for your customer?
  5. Give referrals to your customers.  Refer potential customers to your customers.  But do not refer in such a way as it looks like you expect something in return.  Do it to help your customer.

By doing these five things you will have earned the right to ask for referrals and you will be blessed with referrals from your customers.


How to make people like you

Champion Sales CoachExcerpt taken from the classic book written in 1940 by Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
Six Ways to make People like you
1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
2. Smile.
3. Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest most important sound in the English language.
4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest.
6. Make the other person feel important-and do it sincerely.
These six points were truisms then and they are truisms now.

Im offering help

Sports are the best example.

To compete you need a coach. The coach is there to teach, to watch, to correct, to motivate and to encourage.
I want to be your Sales Coach. I will teach you the most successful and the most modern sales tactics.
I will motivate, encourage, track your progress, plan your future success, celebrate your victories, and endure your losses. I will be your own Very Personal Sales Coach. Try me.

The Two things your customers or clients want most from you.

The two things your customers and clients want most from you.
1. Make them feel important
2. Solve one of their problems
No one wants to feel like one of a number. We all want to feel special and important. Your customers will reward the people that do that for them with their time, business and referrals.
None of your customers expect or even want you to solve all of their problems but they do want you to solve at least one of them. You must be able to articulate that you can and actually execute a plan to solve one other their problems.
This instruction, though brief, if you will keep it in mind whenever talking with a customer or client will be amongst the most valuable things you have ever done.