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The Two things your customers or clients want most from you.

The two things your customers and clients want most from you.
1. Make them feel important
2. Solve one of their problems
No one wants to feel like one of a number. We all want to feel special and important. Your customers will reward the people that do that for them with their time, business and referrals.
None of […]

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What do your customers want to buy?

Your customers do not buy what you sell, your customers buy what your product or service will do for them. Sell that. Sell the answer to the question “what will this product or service do for my customer?”

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Selling is a process

Selling is a process and there is no way of getting around the process. However the single most important part of the sales process is still the Sales Person. Therefore taking great care of the salesperson should be the most important thing you do. The salesperson needs to be educated, coached, nourished, fit, and well […]

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Not everyone is your customer

Yesterday, I was at a networking function and someone asked me what is the key to being a great salesperson?

There are many keys to being a great salesperson and a networking function is probably not the best place to explore them all but I did give him an answer.

I believe the first Key to being […]

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Appreciate- to be grateful for: to value highly: place a high estimate on: to be fully aware of. When you appreciate people, you appreciate. When you dont, you depriciate.
Today, how can you show your customers you appreciate them?
Here are some quick ways to show your customers that you appreciate them, and it won’t cost you […]

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If there was a person that cared as much as you do if not more than you do about your business success would you let him help you?  If you had someone that was extremely accomplished in the world of sales that made it there business to insure your personal sales success would you let him help […]

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There are Great reasons for hiring a “Very Personal Sales Coach”

One great reason to hire a “Very Personal Sales Coach” is because the people in that salesperson or contractor or small business owners life that love them and depend on them deserve for them to be operating at there best. 

Having a great “Very Personal Sales Coach” helps to insure that the sales part of your […]

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When should we overcome objections?

We get FOUR chances to overcome an objection. Chance # 1 is BEFORE it comes up Chance # 2 is WHEN it comes up Chance # 3 is AFTER it comes up Chance # 4 is NEVER

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What makes a champion a champion

in our lives whenever we were in an  competitive enviroment we have had a coach.  Whenever you decide to leave the ranks of ametuer into proffesional, Hire a Coach.

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