No one has ever achieved great success in any endeavor without great Coaches and Mentors in their lives.

Our Nation needs your service.

You most likely chose to go into this industry because you have something to offer. Many of you have gone into this industry because for years you have been Coaching and Helping others onto success for free. Many of you have gone into this business because you feel it in your heart that this is what you should be doing. Many of you have gone into this business because it is your dream to earn a fabulous income by doing what you have always wanted to do, Help Others.

However, for many of you, this dream has become a nightmare! Many of you outstanding Coaches do not earn nearly the money that you should. Many of you right now are dangerously close to having to leave the industry altogether.

The Primary reason this business has been a nightmare for many of you is because of “Poor Sales”

I help Coaches and Consultants just like you to sell your services much more profitably than you ever have before.

I do this for you quickly, my methods are immediately actionable and if you allow me to help you, you will earn much more money!

“Working with Brian is a transformational experience. Brian came into my business life at just the right time and with his instruction I do not doubt my business will grow exponentially when I put into play his advice.
I recommend Brian as a sales coach if you or your team is having a hard time building your bottom dollar and staying in the black OR if you’d like to grow your bottom line and grow your skills to the next level. His extensive experience and ethical approaches will ‘wow’ you the moment you meet”
P Rector

“Brian is absolutely the best at what he does! I went to Brian unsure of my ability to “sell” myself and my services! Brian made me think differently and comprehensively about my skills and goals! He is an “out of the box”, innovative thinker and turned my business around 100%! Once he taught me how to sell my services….I increased sales almost immediately! Thank you Brian for your patience, concern and valuable lessons in our sessions! You are the Very Best Personal Sales Coach around! Thanks for being apart of my success!”
K Joyner

“Brian is a master at his craft. He is a personal sales coach that will get your wheel churning, refresh your passion for your vision, and remind you of value of your product or service. I highly recommend him for a personal Sales Coach that will provide tailor-made coaching for you no matter what stage you are in your business.”
C Weekly

“Mr. Brian McNeill is an excellent coach, with outstanding coaching qualities. He has helped me to have more confidence in myself, increase my focus, and now I have the ability to understand more clearly about how to increase productivity in my business. I would certainly recommend him to everyone that needs help in better developing their business”
M Newman

“Brian K McNeil is thorough, thoughtful, generous with his time, and fun! He understands how to address core issues and engages everyone – both when coaching and speaking to a crowd. He’s systematic, detailed, and great at leading those he’s coaching quickly down the right path. Brian certainly seems to be perfectly suited for his chosen career”
L Jackson

“Encouraging I was amazed at How Mr. McNeill was able to zero in on weak areas of my business while still being able to show me my strengths. I left my training with a much greater focus, and understanding of the job that must be done. I went from trying to do to Making it happen now!! I am thankful for the Jedi Wisdom. lol that was bestowed to me. I would highly recommend him to take you and your business to the next level!!!”
“I would like to thank Brian for putting the “personal” into personal sales coaching. He helped me evaluate my growing business, my plans for the future and my unique attributes that make me and my company special.
A Page.

Brian was timely, thought-provoking and inspirational.
Brian you are the best!”
K Riggins

“Brian is a Sales Coach who is acts on, and demonstrates, his experience in the sales world. He is very innovative and up to date with today’s approaches to sales. As a coach, he is an excellent communicator and is able to draw out what’s important. As a trainer, he’s patient but keeps on track. As a person, he’s very “likable” and “real.” I would recommend him to any individual or business”
R Bingham

Give me a call. Talk to me for 6 to 10 minutes for free. Give yourself an even greater chance to be Great and to earn a lot more money in Selling your Coaching Services.