What is a Contractor?  A contractor is a person that works for a specific job until job completion or until a specified time has elapsed and they work for pay only.  Contractors receive no benefits other than money.

To us, Contractors are special.

Contractors are different.  Contractors are the ultimate entrepreneurs.  A Contractor realizes that he has a skill and sets out to do that skill, independently of a company and attempts to earn a living.  You have to admire a person like that with that much courage, with that much self confidence, and with that much faith.

We want to help Contractors.

We can help Contractors in three distinct ways.

  1. We can help train and develop them or any member of their team in the art of sales and selling.  We can help put the sales part of there business on a system that works for them.  We can help make selling what they sell much more modern and easier to do.
  2. We can help them establish a web presence that insures that when someone is looking online to find someone that does what they do they can be found.
  3. We offer a free Contractor sales closing service.  It works like this.  The Contractor secures the customer, prepares the quote, briefs us on the particulars and we go to the customer and close the sale for the contractor. This service costs the contractor no money upfront.  We will earn a commission on the sale.

Contractors, you do not have to do it alone.  We are here to help you.  Try us.

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