Do you need a full time sales manager or could a part time sales manager suffice?

Would it be helpful for your salespeople to hear a different voice?

As a service we offer part-time Sales Management. This service includes

  • A once a week sales training seminar at your place of business that will teach modern as well as proven face to face selling techniques.  This seminar will be humorous, helpful, and motivating.  Your salespeople will want to sell on this day.
  • Unlimited access via telephone or email.  You or your sales team can contact me as often as you like to discuss current sales questions and dilemmas.  Again two heads are better than one.
  • Help with hiring, firing, training and developing of your sales force.

 This service is ideal for small business owners who are already wearing too many hats to properly devote the time and energy required for training, motivating, and developing a sales force.

Best of all, you get to try this service before you have to commit any money. 

“Brian is an amazzing sales trainer”  C F Miller Raleigh NC

Just call.

Brian K McNeill

919 345 4893

Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte,  NC