My primary seminar is called “10 to Win”

This seminar accomplishes four distinct and important goals.

  1. It reminds or re-teaches people of how great their current product or service already is, which get them excited about selling again.
  2. It helps to define their “Ideal Target Market” so that selling efforts are more focused on their own “Personal, Highest Probability, Prospects”
  3. It defines what skills and characteristics are necessary for outstanding performance. 
  4. And it also provides a tool for self evaluation so that improvement can begin again and again.

During this seminar there will be laughter, listening and learning.

When the seminar is over everyone that was there will feel “armed and ready and enthused” about using there new selling skills right away.  You and your sales force will see a bump in sales right away.

Brian K McNeill

919 345 4893

Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte,  NC