You know how a company will hire a salesperson and then put them through a week or two weeks, sometimes longer sometimes shorter of Sales Training and then releases them out on the unsuspecting sales world.  Sometimes that salesperson is successful right away but usually not.  Sometimes the company will offer additional Sales Training or Sales Coaching. But without consistent Sales Coaching the salespersons learning curve is often longer than necessary.  The salesperson ends up frustrated, disillusioned, lonely, and mostly broke


The Contractor, who is really good at his or her service, decides to go into business for themselves but they only have a vague idea of how to sell it.  The Contractor often times goes into business with no Sales Training and no Sales Coaching so after they sell and service there current circle of friends and contacts they struggle.  Many Contractors mistakenly try to build a business by simply “undercutting each other.  There are better ways.


A the Small Business Owner who is already wearing to many hats to effectively offer Sales Training or Sales Coaching to their people themselves.  Because of this, frustration often sets in.

What we do is we bridge the gap.  We partner with the Salesperson, the Contractor, and the Small Business Owner to ensure that their sales and selling parts of their life is successful.

On the philosophy that two heads are better than one.  Since 1991 we have helped companies to hire, fire, train, and motivate salespeople.

“I just want to tell you that I have never been involved in sales training before that cared as much about the success of the salesperson as this one, and that I appreciate it”   M Luke, Owner of “Southern Home Remodeling

“Awesome, deep involved and well rounded, Brian’s training has significantly improved my business.   T Waiyaki  Owner of “Exterior Home Coatings”

The result of partnering with us is that for the Salesperson, or Contractor, or Small Business owner their learning / profitability curve is dramatically reduced.  They will have more fun selling.  They will be less lonely selling, and everyone in there circle of influence will be much better off because of the increased earnings.

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