How to Sell what you do as you tell what you do. 6 mins.

What do you Hear? a Short fun and funny video clip on listening skills. 6 mins

Why Rhinos make great salespeople. 4 mins

Are you working at Selling your Services? 3 minutes on how to know.

Starting with all that there is. You have more than you think. 2 minutes

Awesome nuts and bolts workshop on what to do to ensure that you earn more money next month than this month in selling your services. 30 minutes.

There is always help and there is always hope. The true story of how I rescued a mother and her three children from a burning apartment building. 11 minutes.

What your clients really want most from you. 3 minutes

My Journey to becoming a Sales Coach. 4 minutes.

Are you open or closed to new ways of selling? 3 minutes.

The Magical Selling Word. 3 minutes.

After a Workshop. A Video Testimonial. 38 seconds.

After a Workshop. A Video Testimonial. 45 seconds.

After a Workshop. A Video Testimonial. 31 seconds.

How to have a Great Day. 3 minutes

Two boats and a helicopter. How your help comes. 3 minutes.

Snippet from an actual Sales Workshop. 4 minutes.

A great testimonial of my Very Personal Sales Coaching Service. 1 minute.

snippet from an actual sales workshop. 2 minutes.

Fight when your losing. 2 minutes.

What I do. 2 mins.